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Put 250g of sugar in a bowl, over low heat, and after it has caramelized, add margarine. After they have boiled, add the walnuts, stirring constantly until they thicken a little.

The remaining sugar is beaten with eggs and placed over the composition of the bowl, stirring constantly until it thickens.

The obtained cream is then put over the sheets.

Waffles with caramel. They are my favorites!

For me, the best wafers are the ones filled with caramel. I could eat in one and I still wouldn't get tired. I gave up buying wafers from the trade for a long time, because I found this simple and easy recipe that I always make with pleasure. You have to try it too!

Ingredients needed for wafers filled with caramel:

  • 250 gr sugar, 250 gr butter at room temperature
  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 250 gr finely chopped walnuts
  • 2 was Neapolitan

How to prepare wafers with caramel?

Put the sugar in a pan on the stove, over low heat and let it caramelize. We must be careful not to overheat. Without stirring, wait until the sugar dissolves and then add the diced butter.

Stir until all the sugar dissolves, then add the sweetened condensed milk. Let the mixture boil for about 5 minutes. At the end, add the finely chopped walnuts and leave the pan on the fire for another 3 minutes.

Stir constantly so that the caramel does not burn, because it will become bitter. Set it aside, and let it cool a bit (it doesn't have to cool at all).

Put a wafer sheet on a flat tray and add the caramel filling. Then cover with the second wafer sheet. The wafer with caramel is kept in a cold, dark room. The next day it can be cut and served.

The caramel wafers prepared according to this recipe are delicious. Next time you feel like something sweet, make this tasty dessert. You won't be sorry. Good appetite and increase cooking!

Simple and healthy dessert, wafers with honey

When your child wants something sweet & # 8230, don't run to the store. You can quickly make him a healthy dessert at home. Yes, it also has sugar but it doesn't compare to commercial sweets that have a lot of additives or other artificial sweeteners. The wafer sheet already exists, we can find it in stores, we just have to fill them to taste. In this recipe we will use honey, nut and butter.

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