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Bread with rice

Bread with rice

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Put flour in the bread bowl, salt, yeast, soft butter at room temperature, warm water, milk and egg. Add the drained and well-cooled boiled rice. Knead the dough that will stick sticky at first and for this it is very likely that you will need more flour ... seeing and doing. Knead for about 10 minutes and leave for an hour to rise or until it doubles in volume in a warm place.

Wallpaper a cake form (bread) with paper and break the dough into six equal parts.

Shape each piece into a small loaf of bread about 13 cm long.

Place the six loaves side by side in the prepared tray.

Let it rise again until the dough reaches the top edge of the tray.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and bake for 30 minutes or until golden brown.

Rice flour bread with mayonnaise (seedless) (1 piece, piece)

Contains: rice flour, psyllium bran, potato starch, salt. Weight: 600g. Nutritional information for 100 gr. product: Calories: 198, Protein: 2.13, Lipids: 0.16, Carbohydrates: 42.74, Fiber: 2.84. Shelf life: 5 days. Rice flour is rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates, so it easily exceeds the satiety offered by wheat flour. So, for complete benefits and a rich meal, we offer you a rice flour bread with delicious mayonnaise, which proves that your health tastes very good!

MamaPan - Bakery with mayo

MamaPan is the artisanal bakery that offers you bread and pastries according to traditional recipes. We make bread with natural mayonnaise, without yeast and without unnatural ingredients.

The mayonnaise-mother we use was created from whole wheat flour and plain water, and the preferences developed with its help for daily production needs are produced only from unadded / unimproved flours.

Maya & ndash sourdough In English, levain In French & ndash is a fermentation and leavening agent, which can be used in all flour doughs.

For those who prefer concentrated flavors, black sesame seed bread is very suitable. They have a stronger taste than white sesame seeds, offering, at the same time, important health benefits: vitamins and minerals, proteins, fiber, plus an antioxidant action on the body.

This fragrant bread can only cope with a strong-tasting pasta, a mixture of tuna with onions and herbs, a goodness and a source of health!

MamaPan's story

MamaPan is the artisanal bakery that offers you bread and pastries according to traditional recipes. We make bread with natural mayonnaise, without yeast and without unnatural ingredients. An authentic bread, baked on the hearth, with a tasty core.
The mayonnaise-mother we use was created from whole wheat flour and plain water, and the preferences developed with its help for daily production needs are produced only from unadded / unimproved flours.

Behind the MamaPan mayonnaise bread recipe is Corina Munteanu's passion and skill. "When I put a small piece in my mouth, so full of flavors, so consistent, so strong and alive." (Corina Munteanu & ndash Tasteful Product Manager)

Tiger Bread (or Rice Flour Bread)

In fact, I think my passion for pastry and bread stems from 2 things that motivate me strongly:

  • the most beautiful memory, which awakens my most stiff senses, is about the bread from the bakery in my grandmother's village: round, big, hot and extremely, extremely, extremely tasty. I sat for hours waiting for it to come out of the oven warm. And we ate it naked, with all the cousins, each pulling a piece. It was breakfast, lunch and dinner. More desert.
  • I love to shape dough. I like to work with my hands and get goodies out of my hand. Which I then offer to the people around me.

I made Tiger Bread according to the recipe from the book "Be a baker at home!", From Casa publishing house. The book is full of useful information about flour, utensils but especially extremely appetizing recipes for both bread and savory and sweet pastries. I can't wait to try them all.

This bread he winked at me due to the crust with rice flour. A wonder!


  • 450 g wheat flour type 650
  • 20 g of corn flour
  • 30 g of cornflour flour
  • 1.5 teaspoons salt
  • 200 g old dough (described below)
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 2 tablespoons yogurt
  • 250 ml of water
  • 10 g yeast (preferably fresh)

Tiger crust:

  • 65 ml of warm water
  • 10 g of yeast
  • some sugar (I omitted it)
  • 60 g of rice flour

Old dough:

it is a kind of mayonnaise, respectively it gives a specific aroma to the bread, but it has a shorter fermentation time.

  • 500 g wheat flour type 650
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 300 ml of lukewarm water
  • 10 g of fresh yeast

Preparing old dough:

1. Sift the flour into a larger bowl and mix with the salt. Crush the yeast in water, mix, then add the flour.

2. Mix all the ingredients (do not knead), cover the pot and leave to rise on the kitchen counter for 10-12 hours. During this time it triples in volume, then decreases. You get a dough full of air bubbles.

3. Store in the refrigerator or freeze. This amount is enough for the preparation of 3-4 loaves.

Old dough can be replaced in the preparation of bread recipes, doubling the amount of yeast.

I tested the Tiger Bread without old dough, I put 20 g of yeast instead and a wonderful bread came out, which I show you in the video.

Tiger Bread Preparation:

1. Slimming cure with rice 7 days

On the first day of the cure, eat boiled rice, 3 times a day, in any quantity and drink plenty of water.
The next day, for breakfast, eat rice with fruit, in addition to bananas and grapes, or low-fat yogurt with cereals. For lunch and dinner, eat rice with grilled chicken or beef, or rice with boiled vegetables (potatoes, boiled cereals).
For the next 5 days, skim milk and cereals are eaten for breakfast, and only boiled rice and fruit for lunch and dinner.

Crispy bread with teff, 200 g La Fabrique

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Crispy bread with teff, 200 g

Ingredient: potato starch, rice semolina, teff flour (20%), sunflower oil, sugar cane fiber, dextrose, invert sugar syrup, yeast, sunflower protein, corn starch, rice mayonnaise powder, emulsifier (mono and diglycerides of fatty acids), iodized salt, thickener (guar gum).

May contain traces of: sesame seeds and milk.

* daily reference consumption for an adult (8400kJ / 2000 kcal).
This package contains about 16 slices.

Content: 200g

Storage conditions: dry and cool place.
Terms of validity: see the date written on the package.

Product for Rthe humanity of: The Factory

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Homemade bread with rice

Here is a new recipe for our Contest sent by Daniela: Homemade bread with rice. Participate with your soul recipes HERE! You can win a bread machine or a juicer.


280 ml water
600 g flour
200 g rice (I used long grain)
50 ml milk
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
50 g butter
1 cube of yeast
1 or
1 or

Method of preparation
First we boil the rice in salted water. When it is cooked, drain it well and let it cool very well.
Mix the flour with the sugar and salt, make a hole in the middle, add the yeast dissolved in a little water (let it rise for 10 minutes).
Add soft butter, milk, lightly beaten egg, rice and gradually warm water. It is a bit sticky at first if necessary add more flour.
Knead for about 10 minutes, then cover and leave to rise for about 1 hour.
Divide the crust into equal pieces that we will spread in the shape of an oval or circle, which we will place in a tray greased with butter in a circular shape (like a flower)
Cover and leave to rise for about 20 minutes.
Grease the bread with the beaten egg with a little milk. Bake for about 40 minutes to brown nicely.

The miraculous diet of the Chinese, with raw rice

For the diet with uncooked rice you have to give up sweets, bread, excess salt, alcohol and you have to go 20-30 minutes a day.

Give up coffee, meat, fried foods, bread, bakery products and obviously fast food. During the diet you will drink only water and fresh homemade fruit juices and, last but not least, you will do sports.

It is a slower diet, you will lose about 14 kilograms in 60 days, but it is a diet that does not require special efforts and menus set by nutritionists.

At the same time every morning, on an empty stomach, swallow a grain of rice with a mouthful of water, the next day two grains, the third day three grains and so on, until you reach 30 grains. On day 30 you will start to decrease the number of grains progressively, with one grain less each day.

SÜTLAÇ & # 8211 Turkish style rice pudding. An amazing delight, which conquered me from the first!

From an enumeration of the fabulous desserts that the Orient offers us, the sutlac cannot be missing. Sutlac occupies a place of honor both in Turkish cuisine and in many Asian countries. It is prepared in every house and restaurant in Turkey. At first glance it is a simple rice pudding, but the slightly crispy crust on top, followed by the creamy rice pudding makes it a special dessert. Enjoy your loved ones with a less common dessert, which will certainly not leave anyone indifferent.


-3 tablespoons of rice

-1 teaspoon vanilla sugar

Method of preparation

1. Wash the rice. Boil it and pour it into a sieve.

2. In a deeper bowl, beat the yolks with the sugar. Stirring constantly, gradually add the milk.

3. Put the pot on the fire and heat the mixture obtained. Don't boil it. Make a moderate fire.

4. Dissolve the starch in water.

5. In the heated mixture, add the rice, vanilla sugar and starch. Stir.

6. Heat the mixture again and remove the pan from the heat.

7. Pour the mixture into small ceramic molds.

8. If you want to prepare a classic pudding, put the forms in the fridge. Sprinkle with a little cinnamon and serve cold.

9. If you want a more complex dessert & prepare the pudding with burnt sugar. Preheat the oven to 200 ° C. Sprinkle the pudding with brown sugar. Arrange the shapes on the baking tray. Pour water into the pan and put it in the oven at the top level. In 15 minutes the dessert will get an extremely appetizing golden crust.

Note: Let the dessert cool for 60 minutes. Then put it in the fridge. If you want to serve dessert for dinner, it must be prepared in the morning.

Premix For Multigrain Seed Bread, Gluten Free, 500 G, Hammer Muhle

Premix for multigrain bread with 31% seeds.
Ingredients: wholemeal rice flour, corn starch, 12% sunflower seeds, 9% flax seeds, buckwheat flour, dry sour gluten-free dough (from rice flour), 5% golden flax seeds, salt, agent thickening: guar gum, salt.
May contain traces of soy and sesame.

Bread recipe:
In oven:
Mix 500 g of flour with 7 g of dry yeast, knead with 450 ml of water and 2 tablespoons of oil. Put the dough in a bowl and let it rise for 45 minutes. Before putting in the oven, sprinkle preferably with sunflower seeds or flax seeds. Bake in the preheated oven at 210 degrees with top and bottom temperature for about 50 minutes.

In the automatic bread machine:
500 g premix, 480 ml water, 10 g oil, 5 g dry yeast. Add the ingredients in the order indicated by your automatic bread machine. Recommends the use of the basic program.
* = residual lactose content

If you still have boiled rice, then be sure to prepare such a Romanian pudding with a delicate cheese taste!

The main ingredient of this pudding is rice - boiled yesterday or boiled today! It can be served even for breakfast. A nutritious and balanced meal will not allow you to get hungry before lunch. Mozzarella can be replaced with any kind of cream cheese or melted cheese.

-4 glasses of rice (800 g)

Method of preparation:
1. Grate the mozzarella or break it finely with your hands.

2.Put the carrot through a large grater.

4. Finely chop the parsley.

5.Mix all these ingredients with the boiled rice.

6. In the blender mix the eggs, add the grated cheese, pour the milk, salt and pepper.

7. Grease the pan with oil. Put the rice table in the pan and pour the egg mixture on top.

8.Put the tray in the preheated oven at 200 ° for 30 minutes.

Serve the pudding as a side dish or as a main dish. Keep this quick recipe for a delicious pudding!

Bread with rice

Boil the rice in salted water and then let it drain well.
In a kneading bowl put flour, boiled rice, cornflakes, corn flour, olive oil, honey, yeast and salt and gradually add warm milk. Knead everything until the dough comes off the walls of the bowl and leave it to rise for approx. 40 minutes covered in a warm place.

After it has leavened on the table on which we sprinkled the flour, we turn the dough over and work it a little. We make a stick that will be divided into 10 pieces. equals.

We give each piece an oval shape and it is placed tightly in the shape of a baking dish that has been greased with a little oil.

Leave it to rise for another 15 minutes. Place in the preheated oven for approx. 35-40 minutes (first 10 minutes on high heat then on low heat).



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