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The Ultimate Salsa for Tailgating Season

The Ultimate Salsa for Tailgating Season

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Football season means one thing and one thing only-- tailgating. And a tailgate isn't complete without a big bowl of salsa and tortilla chips. Skip the jarred salsas from the store this season and make this easy recipe instead that comes together in 10 minutes. Just because we're out of tomato season, doesn't mean you can't use canned tomatoes to make a stellar homemade salsa from scratch.

It's not game day unless you've spent all day gathered around the trunk of your car munching on chicken wings, burgers, or hot dogs with an ice cold beer and a plethora of snacks. Chips and salsa, a tailgating essential, can be loaded with sodium and calories. However, if you opt for a lower-sodium, whole-grain chip, and whip up a homemade salsa, you can save both calories and time without sacrificing flavor.

Most homemade salsas can be time-consuming and require you to chop a ton of vegetables and herbs, thus making store-bought salsas seem like the obvious shortcut option. However, we think you should skip the jarred stuff and master this simple Salsa Picante recipe that uses a food processor to do all the chopping for you.

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

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Since peak tomato season is behind us, don't even bother with tasteless, out-of-season 'maters. That's why the ultimate homemade tailgating salsa recipe should rely on unsalted canned tomatoes (no shame here). They provide the same flavor and texture as restaurant salsa, while also saving you time and money as opposed to fresh tomatoes. With the addition of lime and cilantro, this salsa packs fresh, bright taste that will impress your fellow football fans.

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